Quick. Cheap. Beautiful: Cinnamon Stick Candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon, especially this time of year? This is one of the easiest crafts I have found. If you are looking for a quick way to add a little “holiday” to any room of the house (or even your office), this cinnamon stick candle is a MUST try!

It took me less than 5 minutes to put this together. Seriously! In less than 5 minutes I had a beautiful centerpiece.

Not only does it look great, it smells fantastic! (Yummy yummy!)

Cinnamon Stick Candle Completed


*Candle (Whatever size you desire)

*Cinnamon Sticks – I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section. Amazon has them HERE if you can’t find them locally.)

*Rubber Band

*Ribbon (or whatever you want to finish it off with – twine, pipe cleaner, etc)


Cinnamon Stick Candle Materials

Step 1

I started by wrapping the rubber band around the candle. I placed it so that it would line up with the center of the cinnamon sticks once I began putting them in place.

Cinnamon Stick Candle Step 1

Step 2

Next, I simply began to add the cinnamon sticks under the rubber band.

Cinnamon Stick Candle Step 2

I continued placing cinnamon sticks around the candle until there are no more gaps. You may have to rearrange a few of them (if you have my OCD, lol) until it’s just perfect for you. I wanted mine to be perfectly “im”perfect. I like the way it varies in height rather than all being the same.

Cinnamon Stick Candle Step 3

Step 3

Finally, I used a ribbon to cover up the rubber band, tying a nice bow in the front. I also made sure to singe the edges of the ribbon with a flame so they wouldn’t fray later on.

Here’s the side view…

Cinnamon Stick Candle Final Step

Here’s the final view of the front…

Cinnamon Stick Candle Front view


You may find that your cinnamon sticks shift or move (even fall out) when you pick the candle up. You have a couple of options at this point. You can either continue adjusting them until they nestle in together (which is what I did), OR you can use a hot glue gun to make them stay put. Using the hot glue gun will, of course, add a little more time to the project, but it will still be fun either way!

Other Variations

There are many, many ways you can customize this craft. Your only limitation is your imagination. Here are a few ways to change it up.

*Use a shorter candle, closer to the size of the cinnamon sticks.

*Hot glue the sticks together so they don’t move

*Use something other than ribbon…twine, burlap, lace, pipe cleaners, etc.

*Add embellishment instead of a bow…pine cones, holly berries, snowflakes, pumpkins, etc.

*Display several different sizes on a serving tray for a beautiful centerpiece.

Your Turn!

I absolutely LOVE to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this cinnamon stick candle craft idea. Anything you would change? Anything you would add?

I’d love to see some of your photos, too! You can jump over to our Facebook Page and post a photo of your cinnamon stick candle on our wall.

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