Have you ever mistakenly walked up to the wrong vehicle and gotten in? My kids and I have done it for sure! Only as I started to sit in the seat and realized there were items in the vehicle that did not look familiar to me did I realize it was NOT mine! I was just thankful that nobody was around to see how terribly embarrassed I was! That moment has definitely given us plenty of laughs over the years…the kids still bring it up. Of course, that would not have happened if I had a fabulous monogram license plate so that I could have easily spotted my OWN car! LOL

Custom Monogram License Plate

Custom Monogram License Plates – Design Your Own!

Set Yourself Apart – Monogram License Plate

Have Faith Boutique can help you save yourself from the embarrassment of getting into the wrong vehicle. Our custom monogrammed license plates are a surefire way to recognize your own vehicle! No more getting frustrated when you can’t unlock “YOUR” vehicle. 😉 All you will need to do now is scan the parking lot for the black and white Chevron pattern with your monogram. Or, are you more of a lime green and pink kind of gal…personalized with your name, of course? Is zebra print more your style? How about Morrocan? The options are endless! You can even upload your own artwork or a photo if you prefer.

Create NEW Memories

Now, instead of creating those embarrassing memories of the time mom and I got into the wrong car, you can create new memories including all the compliments you will receive when sporting your custom monogram license plate! You can save those memory banks for fun-filled trips to the sea, enjoying the salt life. Maybe the mountains are more up your alley. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing…those are the things you can fill your mind with rather than the “not so fine” times. 😉

Share Your Memories

I’m sure you have your fair share of funny memories. Maybe not even having to do with a car? Laughter is medicine for the soul. Please share your funny stories so we can have a chuckle together. We all need a momentary break from the seriousness of life, don’t we?

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Kelly Amos · January 11, 2017 at 2:16 pm

My funny story… my kids just Roar with laughter.
I was in 9th grade and had a crush on a boy in my first period class. The class was held in the makeup/dressing room behind stage of our high school’s Auditorium. I had the opportunity to have the undivided attention of this young man as we were leaving class talking. As we exited the backstage and turned into the hallway, we continued our conversation. It ended when I walked into a set of lockers face-first! Needless to say I don’t think he thought of me in the way I had hoped! My kids think it’s hilarious, and I’m sure had I been a third party observing the incident I would have laughed too as did all my friends and fellow students on the day it happened. Today I laugh with my children everything I retell the story for them!

Laughter is good for the soul!

    admin · January 13, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Thanks for sharing, Kelly. We all have those moments! I love that our kiddos can have a chuckle at our expense. haha

Kelly Amos · January 11, 2017 at 2:18 pm

* every time I retell the story!

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