Free Shipping for Everyone on Have Faith Boutique – You All Deserve It!

Recently I decided to apply a simple change in my business and allow all my dear buyers to receive Free Shipping on their orders. Many online stores offer this option but many of them also require you to make a minimum purchase which often turns out to be a bit high. I wanted to take a different path. Over the years of being in the business, I’ve learned a lot from my customers. Now, I want to do something nice for each of you. That’s what made me decide to make the shipping free for everyone, regardless of the price in your shopping cart.

 How does free shipping work for me? It maybe doesn’t sound profitable but, hey, it doesn’t always have to be. It works for me because it works for you. You  are the ones I’m in the gift business for in the first place. I’ve always wanted to reflect my core beliefs and share the love and Christian values through my work. This is just another step on that road.

Free Shipping

 For all those wondering why am making the shipping free for everyone, here are some of my thoughts.

 I want my goods to be affordable for everyone

How many times have you scrolled through the offers, found a perfect goody and realized that you need a few more bucks because your current card balance doesn’t cover shipping? I firmly believe you shouldn’t give up your shopping choices because you are a few dollars short. The thing you wanted to buy might be the perfect gift for your friend, partner or family member. Maybe it’s just a little thing that would make you happy. Cash shortage should simply not stand in your way!

 I want to be fair to my customers

I’ve mentioned some online stores provide their customers with free shipping if they make a minimum purchase. What if you don’t need all those products you would have to buy to get the free shipping? Being conditioned to buy, for instance, products valued $100 to avoid paying for the shipping sounds a bit like a blackmail (sure, the sellers need to make their businesses sustainable, but still). I didn’t want to measure your orders, counting every cent you have spent, in order to treat you with free shipping. As a business owner, I am excited to be able to offer it for any of my customers, no matter how much they want or can spend on my products.

 I want to help you experience better holidays

Okay, so, my work has always been focused on gifts for numerous occasions, and, lately, on the baby products. Somehow I was always aware that my products were a part of someone’s holidays and it has always been an inspiration and encouragement for me. I can imagine those happy people receiving the gifts originating from our store, and that’s the greatest creativity booster for me.

 When the holiday season kicks in, we all know what it’s like to be on a tight budget. I’ll be happy to know that our free shipping option has helped you buy an extra gift for someone from the money you have saved on the shipping. Money should be the last thing to shape our holiday experiences. This is the least I can do to make a difference in that arena.

 I want you to know you can count on us in gift emergencies

You need a quick gift. You don’t have time to google a store that offers fair prices and convenience of free shipping. No problem, we’re here! If you have already used our services, you know that we are trying to build a real bond with our customers. We started small and always knew listening to our customers’ real needs is the way to grow. Rather than being just-another-online-shop, I like to think that we became a close community. A community where all the customers can express themselves and participate in designing the products they would like to purchase. So, with all of you being a part of our community, I would like you to know that you can reach us anytime, especially when you urgently need a practical gift shipped to you for free.

 Some might argue free shipping is too utopian – when, in fact, it’s a Christian thing to do.

Besides my splendid customers, faith has always been my flawless guide. Well, I’m sure you could already get that from our store’s name. Honestly, faith primarily teaches us to love and be there for others. Now, I am trying to express my faith not only through my words but also through some little things I implement in my business. Having a scripture printed on a phone case is cool but I still wanted to go an extra step in spreading the love. For now, that extra step is offering the free shipping. Have Faith Boutique does offer some discounts whenever we can. I feel we can also make an offer that would always be active, hence the big free shipping decision. I am happy my team shares these views with me. We hope our customers will find our new offer useful as well.

 We are trying to grow our business so it’s not just a business. It’s about time the Internet and online shopping starts reflecting some core human values and serves its customers rather than greedy laws of profit. Forget about that. Relax knowing that the price in your shopping cart won’t skyrocket after we add the shipping costs, because, I repeat – we won’t do it. I also repeat that you don’t need to spend any minimum amount of cash in order to enjoy the convenience of free shipping. We don’t want the money to shape our morals and beliefs. My customers give me strength, inspiration and purpose for any further work. You are more than welcome to claim your right to free shipping! You totally deserve it!

 Have faith!



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