Time To Celebrate our Freedom and the Fourth of July (With Some Discounts!)

 Are you ready for some fireworks? The fireworks are surely what make the celebration of  the Fourth of July extra spectacular. But here, at Have Faith Boutique, we have our own fireworks of discounts, to honor one of the most important federal holidays in our country. I, myself, am a huge fan of this very special day, as it reflects many of my beliefs, which is why I am happy I can celebrate it via my business as well, with all my customers and countrymen.

 One might ask why I do enjoy this holiday so much, but I can never answer it simply. There are a number of reasons, all of them equally important to me. Here are some of them!

 It’s the day that honors our rich history

As you already know, Fourth of July is all about honoring our ancestors who have fought for our freedom. Gaining independence in 1776, as the result of the Revolutionary War, set the base for the country we have today. It’s about Jefferson, Adams, Sherman, Franklin and Livingston but it is also about all the freedom fighters investing all of their bravery into the foundations of our States. Days devoted to remembering our past are crucial to understand our present and make a better future.

 It’s all about honest patriotism

Patriotism isn’t measured in fireworks, parades or how well you sing the Star Spangled Banner, but these symbols and celebration traditions do reflect our experience of being united under a single flag, sharing the same destiny and some of the core values, including the Constitution.
It is patriotic to:

  • Celebrate the freedoms we have and think about what each of us can do to obtain even more freedoms.
  • Think how we can individually or collectively improve our communities and the entire country.
  • Respect the privileges our ancestors gave us.

Patriotism is respecting your neighbors, your countrymen, and building a better world together with them.

 Moreover, it’s about the Freedom!

The sad fact is that not the entire world enjoys the fruits of freedom. Wars and oppression in different corners of the world still affect millions of people. Thanks to our ancestors and generations of freedom fighters, our country enjoys Freedom with a huge F! For us here at Have Faith Boutique, freedoms are a huge part of the Fourth of July celebration. It is time to reflect and appreciate many of our freedoms: economic, freedom of speech, political, and freedom to be who you are.

 We should also respect and value the freedom of thought and ideas. It’s those kinds of freedoms that have empowered me to do what I do, to blend my interests, skills and beliefs, connect with the people who have become more than customers to me, and feel fulfilled about my mission. And, within my work, I have found numerous other forms, with the creative freedom being of the highest importance to me. And that’s what I am always trying to share with all of you. A piece of that sweet freedom cake served to us not only on the Fourth of July but every day of our lives.

 “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” is a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln. So, share freedom with others. The more freedom you give to others, the more freedom there is for all of us! Just like knowledge, it is a thing that grows by sharing! Share freedom with your loved ones, your neighbors, friends, acquaintances and people you meet in the streets. As of 4th July 1776, freedom belongs to all of us!

Faith is freedom!

Freedom isn’t written in our Constitution solely – it is also written in our faith and the Good Book. Truth is Freedom. Jesus brings us the Truth and is the Truth. He is the way, the Truth and the Life.  The closer we are to Him, the closer we are to being completely free. Our ancestors made sure we have the freedom guaranteed by the laws, while Jesus gives us the freedom of spirit. That kind of freedom is reflected in our lives through the freedoms we enjoy as the citizens of our country.

And the Fourth of July, although a federal, not a religious holiday, is still a great occasion to reflect on such thoughts. Are we close to our Lord? Do we really listen to his Word, full of freedom for us? I encourage you to search your heart today and see if there are places that don’t feel free. If you find some hard places, spend time talking to God and find out how he wants to bring freedom and healing to those places.

Freedom and the 4th of July

How do Fourth of July, my faith and my business relate?

Conceiving my entire brand, work and mission on Faith, I am trying to turn my beliefs into actions as much as I can and share some positivity with my beloved customers. Every holiday is an occasion for me to share something nice with you, as little things matter. Sure, I could talk or write about how much I love this holiday but it would be pointless if I wouldn’t do something as well.

So, this year I have decided to create a four-day celebration of the Fourth of July right here on our website. I am happy to announce that from July 4th to July 8th we are organizing a sale with 10% discount for all of my customers. You can get the discount by using the holiday code JULY42018. Have you have planned to get something nice for you or your loved ones? Do you want to make the holiday even more memorable? Here is your chance to save up some money as well! I’m happy if I can contribute to your celebration this way!

And finally, I hope you’ll all have a stunning celebration!

Whether you’ll go to a parade or spend the day barbecuing with your friends and family, I hope you will have a blessed day, filled with a reflection on freedom as our blessing. As much as it is about red, white and blue, this day is about the shared experience of being an American, guided by liberty through our system and the liberty given to us by our Lord.

Love always,


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