In this week’s blog post, I just want to talk to you about you.

You are Awesome!

I don’t know you, so how can I know that you’re awesome? It’s simple. You and I are children of God and God don’t do mediocre.

Everyone I know is amazing (even the ones that I don’t necessarily like). I try every day to see the spark of God in everyone I meet. Each and every person has the light in them and I love to take the time to learn what that spark is.

The Special Light 

Every once in a while, we meet someone who has that special light about them. They have a glow that tells you that they have a powerful and special connection with God and Jesus. That relationship can change how someone behaves and I love meeting people who are walking in the light.

God is Everywhere

Those special people are sometimes people whose faith I don’t know. They might not go to my church or even believe what I do, but you can sense that wonderful in them.

Altogether in the World

One of the lessons I try to remember every day is that even those people who are doing things I disagree with, they are children of God and can be forgiven their sins. That doesn’t mean I want to hang out with really bad people, but it seems that these days we work hard to find reasons to not get along with each other. Politics, religious beliefs, even taste in music, we look for reasons to separate from each other.

One of the missions of Have Faith Boutique is to create reasons for everyone to be able to be and feel special. Here we can create gifts for people that are distinctive and personalized.

Just wanted you to know…

I wanted to write a blog this week to let you know that you’re awesome. I know that you have the spark of divinity in you and I hope to someday meet everyone and meet everyone and it personally.

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